QuickBooks, an accounting program, help companies with their accounting software and facilitates ease in doing business transactions and handling finances. While working QuickBooks, users might encounter any errors or problems which impede ease of working, can cause the computer crashing or might stop the specified activities from moving farther. Nevertheless, these mistakes can easily be solved, and the subsequent article attempts to direct consumers in rectifying the mistake and transferring the operations ahead.

While upgrading the citizenship, launching a formal form or paying dues, users might have to deal with an error that reads “The file you specified cannot be opened”

What causes QuickBooks Error “The file you specified cannot be opened”?

Even though QuickBooks proceeds to download or install the a variety of payroll upgrades, there might be a few obstacles from the procedure because of specific Windows settings regarding User Lock or User Control Preferences. This is a frequent mistake on devices that operate on Windows 7/8 and Windows Vista.

How to Attain the Error?

There are quite a few options to solve this error. While some of those solutions might help rectify this, it’s advised that you undergo the answers in the sequence given below, and also execute the activities so.

Option 1: Use elevated Administrator consent to start QuickBooks

  • Close to the QuickBooks program
  • Right-click the icon
  • Click Run as Administrator. If you’re using Windows XP, you may see it as Run as… followed closely by Administrator.
  • Type from the details necessary to log in as a Windows Administrator
  • The QuickBooks file must start, and no mistake ought to be encountered. Allow the program install the rest of the updates.
  • Close to the QuickBooks program
  • To affirm the mistake has been solved, open QuickBooks again and again await no mistakes

Option 2: Restart the background computer or accessibility User Account Control.

This can vary dependent on the edition of Windows present in your PC.

To Windows Vista, follow the instructions given below:

  • Visit Windows Start then proceed to Control Panel
  • Click User Accounts, Which Might also seem as User Accounts and Family Safety
  • Select User Accounts again at the window
  • Assess if the UAC is switched off and on, and choose it
  • Be Sure That the checkbox for Utilize UAC to help safeguard your computer Isn’t chosen and visit OK
  • reboot your pc

To Windows 7/8 follow the instructions given below:

  • Visit Windows Start then proceed to Control Panel
  • Input UAC from the search box that pops up, and move to pick Change User Account Control configurations
  • Once opened, it is possible to follow any of the following directions:
    • Switch off UAC: Select Never notify then click OK. The computer can then request that you input the login credentials. Input the password. Once done, reboot your PC.
    • Switch on UAC: Rather than choosing Never notify, it is possible to pick if you need to be informed, and then pick OK. Supply the login credentials if required and enter password. Once done, reboot your PC.

What more could I do to resolve this mistake?

QuickBooks intends to allow smooth operations for company transactions and attempts to prevent errors in the procedure. In the event the solutions mentioned previously don’t work, you are able to move to repair the QuickBooks program through reinstallation, or you may reinstall and uninstall QuickBooks to make certain there’s not any error.

Should you face any problems in this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact at QuickBooks Technical Support Number 1-800-778-7614 (toll-free), available at any time, any place.

QuickBooks Error: The File You Specified Cannot Be Opened

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